The Australian Clicker Connection

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Confidence & Mastery

This workshop teaches us to socially engage with our horse with movement work such as core work and panther walking to develop confidence and mastery for our horse and his or her human. We base this course on the polyvagal theory and we go into detail as to how this theory helps our horse’s confidence and mastery (and ours as well). We develop individual maps for our horses in the three autonomic states. 

Constructional Approach Training for Horses (CAT H)

In this workshop we provide ALL our CAT H DVD’s in video form and coach you and your horse remotely to help you and your horse through whatever fear your horse is experiencing. Coaching examples are also provided in the workshop, as well as information about the polyvagal theory for horses. After CAT H is mastered, we recommend you move on to the Confidence and Mastery workshop (and a discounted price will be made available for you).