Equilog - The Horse Health Log Book


Equilog the horse health Log book comes standard for three horses as a three year health journal (to add more horses, you just add more identification pages). Equilog includes the following sections and work sheets: (Refills are available for all pages).

Identification Pages

Three Identification Sheets are included in each Equilog. Additional sheets can be requested when Equilog is being used for more than three horses. Your Horses unique markings and confirmation can be copied onto these sheets for accurate identification. Rug Size pages are also now included, so you never forget your horses unique rug sizes again!


Breeder’s pages are also included to record that vital pre and post pregnancy health information for your mare. Family tree pages are also included to trace and record your horse’s bloodline.

Emergency Details

Recording of emergency contact numbers & contact information is essential for the health of your equine. In this way any one caring for your horse simply needs to pick up Equilog and your emergency contact numbers are available for them to use.

Calendar – Sample Page Click here

This section allows you to keep those accurate health dates. Equilog provides enough pages for a three-year calendar (simply fill in the year you wish to start recording from). Each page displays three calendar months, providing sufficient room for the recording of worming compounds, vaccinations, veterinary, farrier and dental dates. Breakdown pages come with each identification sheet to enable easy and quick individual referencing. This is especially important if you are using the log for more than one horse. Remember; because Equilog is a refillable log, it can be adjusted to suit your needs, no matter how many horses you have

Veterinary Attention – Sample Page 1 Click here Page 2

Veterinary Attention work sheets provide space for veterinarians to record the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of your horse. This will make a diagnosis more accurate, especially if second opinions are required. By recording vet visits like this, you are encouraging both yourself and your professionals to be thorough and exact. Others can easily see what diagnosis has been offered and instructions for further care is recorded, even dosage amounts for medications! In addition to the work sheets, anatomical and skeletal charts are also provided. Now our Veterinarian can make their instructions and diagnosis clearer by referring to the anatomical charts of the horse whilst still in the paddock!

Farrier Attention

Equilog not only provides anatomical hoof charts on hoof care, but also provides Farrier Attention work sheets to note treatment and follow-up. Also on each work sheet there are hoof outlines, allowing your farrier to accurately mark injuries due to nail pricks or stone bruises, for example. This information is not only vital for the Farrier but for the Veterinarian if future treatment is required.

Training Worksheets

Equilog also provides a section for the recording of the training of your horse. The beauty of having training recorded with health records is that if there is change in your horse, you or your professional can easily see if a new training regime has impacted in a positive way or negative way. Performance pages are also included.

Feeding Summary

The Feeding Section allows you to record changes in diet for performance purposes or simply because you are trialing a new program or feed company. Having these records at your fingertips, along with health records will make diagnosis easier if your horse gets into difficulties. These records will also allow you or your professional to note any allergic reactions at an early stage. There are two separate feeding pages in Equilog; one notes your horses normal daily feeds & the other notes feed changes.

Dental Attention – Sample Page 1 Click here Page 2

Sometimes our horse’s teeth are overlooked. Your equine dentist is now able to record on the dentistry work sheets exactly what he or she has done when treating your horse. There are also teeth diagrams at the back of each sheet to allow the professional to mark with precision the area or tooth they treated.


We now have an Holistic section for your horse. Each holistic worksheet comes with a horses outline to ensure that your practitioner is able to mark your horses ‘trouble spot’ accurately & with ease.