Help your Horse overcome Fear by turning fear into curiousity with......... Constructional Approach Training for Horses

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On this page we will show you some videos we have done using CAT for horses

Meet Mistral (aka Sting)

This is the first trial of CAT for horses with Mistral (AKA Sting) a Brumby captured around a month before this video was taken. I have not edited this clip and it is the actual first trial of CAT for horses. We aim to reward our horse for calm like behaviours by giving distance – with Brumbies you might notice that the calm like behaviours are even more subtle that we would see in a domestic horse. But saying this, many horses who are afraid will need to be rewarded with subtle calm behaviours. If you want to learn more about CAT for Horses and are interested in learning the steps and the reasons we need to do what we do – please consider our DVD’s. you can find them here at

This is the first trial on day 2 for Mistral (AKA Sting). There are some parts of the audio that are too hard to hear or not relevant, so I edited these out …so you don’t need to adjust your puter! I think you you can see what an improvement CAT for Horses is making here – but when we start getting visible results we can get a little hurried or even want to break away from the CAT protocol – you will see what I mean……enjoy!