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Thanks for visiting our products page. You can order via paypal, email or snail mail. Payment can be made by direct bank deposit; money order or cheque or via the Paypal shopping cart. Once you click on a ‘add to shopping cart’ you will be taken to a page where you need to click ‘add to cart‘ . if you want to order other items just go back to this products page, what you have added to your cart will remain. When you have finished shopping click the paypal logo at the bottom of your page. But for multiple products we need to manually adjust shipping for you.


Until the 28 June 2019 we are offering 20% of all products. Please request an invoice before you order because the paypal links are not updated to reflect the discount

You can find our details in the ‘contact us‘ page.

For non paypal orders please order via email & dont forget to provide your address. We can make clicker packages up for you so, tell us what you want and we will do our best to give you a discount.

Postage prices are within Australia & are specified & all prices include GST. If you are outside Australia or ordering more than one item instead of clicking the PAY NOW button ask for an invoice before ordering so as you receive the correct postage price (or we will refund any excess postage).

We are not responsible for Post deliveries -for DVD’s we use Austpost/ebay tracking in Australia. For standard order clickers we send in an unregistered DVD/CD envelope but if you want it registered let us know and we will advise you of the additional cost.

If you are outside Australia, please email before ordering. Your order will be refunded if we do not receive payment for the additional postage for your region

Translucent Clickers
$5.00 ($3.00 post)

if you have a preference for

colour when you order

Translucent clickers

Bulk Clickers
Please email us your request and we will send you an


The % discount is based on these clickers at $4.80 as a single item

10-29 clickers take 10% off

30-79 clickers take 20% off

80 plus take 25% off.

These clickers are blank

bulk clickers

Clicker Coil

$4.50 ($3.00 Post)

The coils only come in white

clicker coil

Clicker Coils

$2.00 ($3.00 Post)

These coils are a little smaller than the white ones but they are just as functional. They have been tested by us for a while now and stand up to the challenge. Please specify the colour you want when ordering

Clicker & Coil

$8.20 ($3.00 post)

Tell us what colour clicker you would

like if you have a preference

clicker and coil

Clicker Training for Your Horse: Mind Body and Soul Series Part 1

Australian Made & Produced

Hard USB copy. The USB is formatted to FAT32  (USB3). It has an internal html menu system that does not require an internet connection, simply access to a browser (Chrome or Safari). For a short time part 1 comes with a FREE copy of CAT for Horses ($70.00 plus $8.10 shipping)

Here is a preview of Mind Body and Soul Part 1 (the digital version is also available from Vimeo from this link)

From fear to Calm
Constructional Approach Training for Horses USB

We have digitally enhanced our DVD set and now provide it in USB format. It is still a standard digital recording (rather than HD), but it plays better now on a standard HD screen. It has a customised menu that runs with your browser. 

For  a preview go to


A digital version is also available through Vimeo at this link 

Coaching is also available. Please contact us if you are interested. I will provide three (3) free video (remote) coaching sessions when you purchase. Please contact us to arrange for this to happen. Individual plans can be negotiated.

Clicker Training Package

All you need for clicker training:

1. Mind body and Soul Part 1 USB

2. FREE CAT for Horses USB

3. Clicker

4. Clicker Coil

5. Treat Training Bag


        Clicker Training Bum Bag/ Treat Bag

$12.00 ($8.00 postage)
This is the most versatile treat bag we have used. These are the features: 
  • Waist strap Max measurements across waist  121.5 CM
  • Shoulder Strap – if the waist strap is too short don’t fret – you can use the shoulder strap around the shoulder or on the waist Max measurements length:  145 CM AND allow the width of the bag if you attach the shoulder strap to the shoulder keepers: APP 17 Cm
  • Belt attachment if you dont want to use the straps
  • One front Zippered compartment
  • One zipper compartment where you can insert a poo bag or your mp3 player and feed the ear phone straps through
  • Takes a little over a full dipper of treats
  • Height Approx 18 cm
  • Draw closure
               Telescopic Pointer
 ($10.00 $8.00 postage)

Our telescopic pointer is strong and has been tested by us for a while now. We glue a clicker onto the handle. We also wrap vet wrap around the end to also make it function like a target stick.

It extends to just under 1.6 meters including the handle and tucks at 19 cm. Made from 201 stainless Steel. It has two flag attachments at the end which we take off (or they are covered with vet wrap).   

Weighs 87 grams

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